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Established in 2012, Community Building Services focuses on revitalizing the Mid-Michigan area by creating a community-based team of construction professionals and working on projects that are locally beneficial and environmentally conscience.
Through our consistently high standard for quality results, we have grown from a small construction company to what we are today. 
Community Building Services provides diverse construction services to Mid-Michigan. We are committed to superior quality and results. 

Choosing Community Building Services

Choosing a General Contractor can be a difficult decision to make. Do you really need a GC for your project? Can you just plan and schedule everything yourself? 
We understand your concern and would like to help make your decision easier. Ask yourself these three questions before making a decision: 
  1. Is this project going to take longer than a week? 
  2. Will this project require different service professionals or trades? 
  3. Will this project require building permits? 
If you answered yes to any of these, consider hiring us.
Food for Thought: The average kitchen remodel takes between 5 to 6 weeks to complete. You will likely need an electrician, a plumber, a countertop contractor, cabinet contractors, flooring pro, painter and someone to install the appliances. 
We will coordinate, schedule, oversee and approve all sub-contractor work. We know the fair market price for these labor services so you won't overpay. We know the required building permits and how to get through the red tape. 
Choosing CBS for your project guarantees we will do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction. We provide:  
  • Quality craftsmanship while being budget conscience. 
  • The industries newest technology allowing for online access to project status. 
  •  A low-pressure sales environment.
Our team of construction professionals will take your concept to creation. 

Community Building Services 

4505 W. Columbia Rd. 

Mason, MI 48854


Licensed and Insured 

State of Michigan Residential Builders License #2102203886

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