Looking to rebrand your business to create a different look & feel? Improve the perception of your business with an attractive renovation. We can re-organize and increase the functionally of your building. When you update your space, you are updating your company's image as well. 
You may be concerned that remodeling your business can be detrimental to conducting daily business. Community Building Services will accommodate your schedule to mitigate the strain on operations. We offer Full-Service concessions to prevent any business interruptions.  We offer: 
  • Alternative Entrances (Normal and handicap accessible)
  • Temporary Facility Setup 


Repairs piling up? Scheduling different service professionals for odd jobs can be time-consuming and potentially cause disruption to your business. Community Building Services is your Full-Service Maintenance Professionals. We can handle the small repairs to large ones and will work with your schedule. 
Whether you are experiencing plumbing issues or need to resolve city code compliance requirements, we will handle them all. We offer: 
  • Full-Service Maintenance 
  • Work Order Request System 
  • Code Compliance Resolution


Rental properties come with their own set of challenges. Trying to maintain them can seem like a never-ending task. Community Building Services will provide the same level of full-service maintenance work to your rental properties as we do in our commercial maintenance division. We offer: 
  • Full-Service Maintenance
  • Work Order Request System 
  • Direct Tenant Scheduling
  • Tenant Turnovers 
  • Code Compliance Resolution 

Community Building Services 

4505 W. Columbia Rd. 

Mason, MI 48854


Licensed and Insured 

State of Michigan Residential Builders License #2102203886

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